impossible project film

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Brought my sx-70 polaroid land camera with me to santa barabara last weekend (I brought a lot of gear) and started playing around with impossible project’s new px-70 color shade film. Thought it would be perfect for capturing some of the sun drenched california landscape. The film is admittedly tempermental and even with the exposure setting turned to dark the images came out pretty washed out (even though I shaded them immediately) and some didn’t actually turn out.

I still love the aesthetic, just wish it was a bit more consistent (I remember the days of real polaroid film — one of my first photo school projects was done entirely with sx-70 film and though it wasn’t entirely predictable it wasn’t a complete surprise, either). Excited to keep playing with it on my next trip — shooting my first wedding, in colorado.

Have you tried impossible project film? Any tips?

Also, because I’m in love with california and road tripping now more than ever, I really appreciate these shots by brian ferry.