long walks + links

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Hope you make it out for a long walk on your day off.

Love this article from the nytimes about the busy trap.
And this open letter to people who take pictures of food with instagram.
Ever wondered How to have a better blog.
I’m obsessed with this song. It reminds me of my mom dancing in the living room when I was little. And road trips.
Did you read this article on the renaissance of Marfa? Long but worth it.
Oh. Hey. The salon that Morgan and I designed was in C Magazine last month.
Also Mohawn General Store is having a sale including a dress I want from A.P.C.
I want all of these dresses via kate miss.
This picture just makes me smile.

Happy 4th.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Christmas was incredible. I took a chance and decided not to give any gifts this year (I couldn’t face shopping or the stress of any of it and was not at all up to making gifts either). It was more important to me to stay sane and have time/energy to spend with people, which I have done. Also, I cleaned up. I ended up getting an iPad, a le creuset dutch oven, some great knives, a striped shirt from Muji (from the Tokyo store), glamor shots and a hand knit scarf and care package from a great friend.

I’m planning to spend some time slowing down before next year starts. Hope you’re bundled up and happy with some time to reflect.