new work: the plant whisperer for the new york times

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Recent work for the New York Times had me photographing Mileece, a plant whisperer of sorts who makes music out of plants, lives in an airstream, bathes outside and has performed at MOMA. Her home was a wonderland, see all the pictures and read the article on the NY Times.

Check out some other stories I’ve shot for the New York Times:

A personal design hero in LA
This creative compound (and lively inhabitants) in Santa Monica
A landscape designer in Los Feliz
This coop in Berlin
This interior photographer (and his amazing modern home) in Los Angeles
This outsider artist in Palm Springs

See other recent work in Anthology, Nothing Major, T Magazine, Lonny, Cup of Jo and design love fest.

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robert greene for the ny times

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Recently shot the Los Feliz home of author Robert Greene for the New York Times. Really loved getting to spend the day with Robert and Anna and Brutus. So much California. I had to share outtakes.

Highlights: pottery made by Robert’s sister Leslie Greene, Brutus, handmade guacamole by Anna, introducing them to Henri, Robert’s note filing system. The light, everywhere.

Here’s the whole article: “Renovate Like a Master”.

And here are some other spreads I’ve shot for the New York Times: in Berlin, in Los Feliz, in Fallbrook, in Hollywood and in Silver Lake.

ny times: coney island boardwalk

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

I shot part of a story for the ny times recently about all the places the reclaimed wood from the coney island boardwalk has ended up. Including right here in Venice at the home of Travis Lett, chef slash co-owner of my favorite restaurant (really our collective favorite if we’re being honest, right?) Gjelina. (This was a little peek I offered on instagram).

It was honestly one of my top 5 favorite homes (designed by Gjelina designer Sam Marshall) full of glass and amazing, beautiful light. Can’t wait to share some more of the images that didn’t make it into the story as soon as I have clearance.

24 hours in berlin

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Remember back in November when I was in Paris and I didn’t blog at all? One of the reasons was because right when I got back from London, I got an email from my editor at the New York Times seeing if I could shoot a story in Berlin for the Home and Garden section 3 days later. Turns out Berlin is only about an hour and a half flight from Paris and since I will basically say yes to anything that involves taking a plane, I was on board. I had other plans in France before I came back to LA so I couldn’t spend more than 24 hours there. It was beautiful, it was cold and it got dark really early. I loved it.

According to my cab rides, it was definitely fall. The leaves were totally incredible.

I was shooting a co-op building project in berlin’s mitte neighborhood by architects and partners Christoph Roedig and Uli Schop. They greeted me with this breakfast spread and I loved them immediately. It didn’t hurt that their space was amazing, either.

After we went up to the roof to take in the views of the city, they took me into one of the other units. I snapped a couple of photos. The light was perfect. I also got a nice view of the back common space.

And then I was done, the light was golden and I had a couple of hours before my flight. I went for a walk.

Read the article and see all the main photos in Great Homes: On Location in Berlin, A Showpiece of Communal Living.

wade graham for the new york times

Friday, October 7th, 2011

I shot Wade and his garden on the hottest day of the summer. I decided, since it was all about his garden and los angeles and it was for the New York Times, that I wanted to shoot at sunset with warm golden light. I wanted to make east coasters jealous, just a little bit. And even though I showed up at 3 or 4 o clock, it was still somewhere around 95 degrees and humid. So I love the images, but it was not an easy shoot because of the heat.

Wade was great to work with. He told me all about his garden while I shot. We talked about LA and plants and bees and adventures. It was great and easy going. Loved reading the article because he’s a really fascinating person who’s led an interesting life. He was shy about having his picture taken so we kept it really brief — it was funny to see his portrait was the hero image for the article (see it here).

That’s been a big part of my learning curve working with different editors all the time. Sometimes I love what they choose for the final images and sometimes I’m really disappointed. Overall, I have been so so happy with what the Times has chosen. They also do a little extra retouching of the photos–crunch the blacks and add some saturation, and I like it.

These are some of the images that didn’t make it in that I liked–the crazy Aloe Forest, the view driving up to the house in los feliz at sunset, the peek into the chartreuse side yard from the bathroom. See the whole NYT slideshow here.

Here are some outtakes from another nyt shoot I loved.


Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

As I endlessly edit the photos from the trip I wanted to share some outtakes from a favorite ny times shoot. It’s always so interesting to see what the editors choose because once I upload my selects I don’t know what they like until it’s printed. This house was such a favorite of mine that I had lots of favorites that didn’t make it into the paper. The homeowner had so many amazing pieces and the house was impeccable. I’m also a sucker for modern decor in a rustic spanish apartment.

For this shoot I came with my 5D Mark II and 2 lenses: a 24-70 and an 18mm. I shot wides of the rooms, but loved the tighter vignettes the the 24-70 gave me with low f-stops. With so much light coming in the house from really only one source (windows on one side) I had to shoot into the light quite a bit. And since the house is on a hill facing south, much of the house was on the darker side. Rather than rely on strobes, I used long exposures and my trusty tripod to get a luminous effect.

nyt: modern collection in a mediterranean home

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I have a spread in the New York Times today! Big time photographer Jonn Coolidge (he shot for Domino, House Beautiful, etc) has one of the most inspiring apartments: both the apartment–an historic spanish style space–and his collection of furniture and art. Incredible and intimidating to shoot. Read it all here.

new york times (again)

Monday, June 13th, 2011

I’m a little behind but wanted to share that I had a second spread in the New York Times last week (yes! two weeks in a row!). A couple weeks ago I drove down to Fallbrook, right off the 15 (where I saw this) and met Laura and Tom and got to spend the afternoon shooting them and their home. They were great to meet: sincere, down to earth and intelligent, really choosing the life they want to be living. And their house has a secret passageway so…check it out.

My mom also dropped off the physical papers from my two spreads. Full color and each a whole side of the paper. I couldn’t be happier!

new york times

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

My spread in THE NEW YORK TIMES is out today in the Home and Garden section! I had such a great time shooting Erik and Kelly, of Urban Homestead fame. While I was there they made jam, worked in the garden, processed herbs, baked bread, fed the chickens, wore a bee suit, and let me play with their little black, nameless kitten. A special thank you to Nic who was the best assistant I could have had on the shoot.

Read it here and watch the whole slideshow here.