old proof sheets

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Had a little flood in my storage and unearthed some old proof sheets of my gramma’s house. I shot her house quite a bit over about 5 years. Her home was the subject of my senior thesis; a place I spent a lot of time as a child. I turned my camera on it in school and I kept photographing it until she passed away (in the house). I think these are the pictures I took of the garden after she had died and before the house had been sold; as a way of keeping it forever. Made me think of this Susan Sontag quote:

“The truth is always something that is told, not something that is known. If there were no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything. There would only be what is.”

some pretty good moments on instagram

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Fall is finally here? And without the oppressive heat I can think again and I’m remembering some of what I’ve been wanting to share. Consider this a catch up, getting us all back up to speed:

1st Row:
Jessica gave me this amazing incense that I swear helped usher in Fall, it was my birthday! and sort of unrelated matchbox kitchen made a beautiful cake that some of my favorite ladies and I devoured, I love my neighborhood and am having to ration how many photos of it I instagram.

2nd Row:
Bianca and I share a birthday (9/28) and we celebrated at midnight at our favorite taco truck (one of my favorite moments in the history of birthdays, it filled me with joy and seemed to negate any of the bad stuff that has ever happened), Miranda and Christine sent me the most beautiful Holly Flora Bouquet for my birthday and I was so touched that I teared up, an indulgent self portrait showing off my favorite (and affordable, what?) spitfire sunglasses.

3rd Row:
So much fun was had at my birthday! We went to a dive bar and so many people that I love showed up that I was actually kind of taken aback, More on this soon, but did I mention that I shot for Martha Stewart? Because I totally did and during a break we saw this fern at Dream Collective, Kate made me this beautiful necklace for my birthday, thanks Kate.

4th Row:
Ali braided Kate’s hair and it was so pretty (more on braids stuff soon because let’s just say a lot of people want in on this action), this is currently my favorite soap (you have to smell it, it is so fresh and subtle), and finally, more evidence that I am in love with los angeles.


a year ago

Monday, September 5th, 2011

A year ago I went to Alaska, twice. Once to visit family with Elliott and go on an adventure. Then 4 days after I came back to LA, I flew a red eye back to Anchorage to deal with the breakup that had happened on the flight home from the first trip.

My family gave me a lot of support and my cousins let me crash their trip to Denali (thanks again guys). After 5 years with Elliott, I was just in shock. It wasn’t dramatic, it just wasn’t working. And it was sad and scary.

Then I stayed another 10 days just because it felt good to be there.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since then. I’ve kept myself really busy–with Rue, Standard, Rue again, trip to New York, the desert, living with Marie, being featured in Sunset (and yes that photo of me was taken about 3 days after the breakup), 2 trips to San Francisco, spread in Anthology, shooting for emily, moving to a new place (and out of the old one), shooting for At Your Leisure, AYL again, visiting the house in Todos Santos, being on Oh Joy, working on the Show, shooting dwell on design, Victoria spotlighting me, dating, the New York Times, more dating, more New York Times, the Show again, and just a whole lot more.

I’m proud of all the things I’ve been able to accomplish in a year. I feel more independent and capable and I’ve carved out more of a life for myself. But the truth is that it’s really only now that I’m actually starting to feel a lot of the loss. Not to get all woowoo feelings about it all, but I think I needed to be busy to get through the transition. And I was basically exhausted for the entire year. Now that I’m actually settled, I’m really able to feel all the shittiness. Acutely. And it sucks.

I don’t normally get super personal around here, but this was such a milestone and has been such a big part of the last year that I really wanted to share. I’m slowing down a bit, going to go up north and visit my other cousins with my mom. One of them lives in a yurt, the other lives close to redwoods. This will be good for me.