Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Just 6 months ago I was on a road trip with Ben and Makoto of Scout Regalia across the southwest. We shot this amazing project of theirs in Snowmass over new years and then crossed through Moab, Monument Valley, the Painted Desert, Navajo Nation, the Grand Canyon and Route 66 through Joshua Tree and back home to LA.

On that trip I had so many thoughts and dreams for what this new year would look like. So much hope and possibility. So many lists. So much feeling.

It was one of the best road trips I’ve ever been on, maybe only because I love Ben and Makoto so much. But also because of the sense of possibility that any trip will usually bring.

It’s summertime now. I’m looking at the half of the year that has passed. What’s happened? No less than half a dozen road trips. Other trips. So many projects with people I love and admire. So many pots on the stove. So much possibility.

And now I’m in the throes of updating my portfolio to represent more of where I am now. It’s been 3 years since the last time I updated it. And I’m filled with wonder. So much has happened. I’ve made so many friends through this crazy internet world. Learned so much about myself. Made so many photographs. And now it’s time to distill that all down to help point me to what’s next.

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the 5

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

This year is becoming the year of the road trip and I’m not complaining. A quick jaunt up the 5 this past weekend to San Francisco yielded miles and miles and miles of blossoming trees at sunset. Couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Highlights lacking photo evidence: starting our book club book, eating breakfast at st. francis where they have a bougainvillea cocktail (that I didn’t try but still…), checked out the new muji store, ate dinner at bar agricole (where everything is amazing and you have to have their old fashioned served in the thinnest most delicate glass you’ve ever seen) and saw a great show. Also I want to thank the future for allowing me to stream an episode of Nashville from the back of a moving vehicle on the 5 freeway onto my phone in present day time.

joshua tree

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Spontaneously spent the weekend in Joshua Tree with some lady friends. We were just there for an overnight so we packed in as much thrifting, eating and exploring as we could. The highlight was spending the afternoon right into the sunset in the park as the light got golden and the wind kicked up enough dust to give the landscape an eerie never ending horizon. We took pictures, shot a lot of vines (follow Cheryl Nichols on Vine, you won’t be sorry) and drank in one of my favorite places on Earth.

Thanks to Bethany, Cheryl, Kate and Alison for the good times.

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gem-o-rama part 1

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Last week Kate and Makoto and I headed up the 14 into the desert. Destination: gem o rama (graphic design alert). Turns out there’s a place called Trona where, once a year, they put explosives in a dry lake bed and, basically, blow it up. And then there are GEMS just sitting on the ground. For you to put in your bucket and take home. And it’s pretty awesome. Thankfully there were a lot of boyscouts and geologists nerding out about it so that we knew which rocks were gems and which ones were just salt. There was a lot of shiny and it was exciting. Planning to make this an annual road trip and possible camping trip. And next year we’re not skipping the pancake breakfast.

And on a braid note, thanks to everyone who came out and brought such big smiles to the braids by brislin event. We’ll be posting photos soon!

aspen to crested butte road trip

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The drive from Aspen to Crested Butte was everything I hoped it would be. And when we all got there, a beautiful spot to relax and take it all in.

Heading to Nice and Provence for the next two weeks to visit family. Follow me on instagram and twitter for more immediate updates.

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And happy summer.