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Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Some photos from summer so far. All from my phone. (Who wants to carry a big camera around all the time?). Some of these are on instagram. Most of them have a vsco filter on them. Highights include the re-opening of echo park lake, evening drinks and dinner at Laura’s, Claire and her yellow bike, hang outs, afternoon light hitting palm trees, hands in sun, the sun kept at bay, the beach.

I’m heading to portland this weekend (get in touch if you’re around!). Follow my instagram for the latest.

Also, I’m slowly re-working my portfolio which means endless editing of work that currently isn’t in my portfolio. Here’s a little peek (you have to push play!).

Some things:
I can’t get enough of Daniel’s renovations.
Claire offers a window into a different kind of traveling.
A creative compound I shot for the NY Times
Music I’m listening to.
The crepe recipe I use (beer!).
Love everything happening at Vacation Days.
Summer flowers.

aspen to crested butte road trip

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The drive from Aspen to Crested Butte was everything I hoped it would be. And when we all got there, a beautiful spot to relax and take it all in.

Heading to Nice and Provence for the next two weeks to visit family. Follow me on instagram and twitter for more immediate updates.

Some of my favorite other instagrammers: the brick house, oliviathe, kylesteed, katemiss, ejaphoto, sethsmoot, rubi_jones.

And some of my favorite places online: le catch, weekend, for me, for you, jessica comingore, the brick house (duh), happy mundane, pennyweight, manhattan nest, la in bloom.

And happy summer.


Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Getting ready to go away this weekend I started feeling like it is really really summer time. I took these photos last year when I visited my dad in Baja and we drove to La Paz and he showed me this secret beach. It was paradise. It was summer.

And here are some songs that have been on repeat over here:
The Union Line
The Deadly Syndrome
First Aid Kit
Francois Virot

Happy summer days.

lovely long weekend

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Lovely long weekend of fireworks, bbq’s, picnics, painting the kitchen, thoughtful flowers, bougainvillea, polaroids (I’m playing around with this impossible project film and my sx-70), not making the bed, moving rugs around the house, watering the plants, watching the light move around, instagramming and falling more in love with echo park in the summertime.


Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Looking forward to road trips, leisurely walks, catching up on the blog, shooting more impossible project, sleeping, growing things and instagraming (I’m @ljoliet).

I’m way behind on updating here, but all for very good reasons. I’m still planning to share images from New York + Yosemite + Chicago (jeez and Paris pics from last Fall and San Francisco from earlier this year, yikes!) and want to share some of the awesome clients I’ve been working with and the fact that I’ve been rearranging my apartment. Things have been shifting (for a while now) and in the best possible ways. I want to share all of that, but for the moment, it will all have to wait.

In the meantime, some of my favorite trips taken in the last year ish: berlin, london, petrolia, todos santos (and the house), my beautiful and ever changing neighborhood, joshua tree, alt summit, alaska, one of my favorite drives.

Inspired, as always, by kate, morgan, jessica, jon and tracy.

Still trying to remember this sentiment from the start of the year as we move into a new season.

Happy weekend + happy summer.

summertime + diamond jubilee

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Beautiful and fun start to summer at Tracy’s house this past weekend celebrating the diamond jubilee. I want to spend all of summer lounging on her patio, taking in the views and hanging out with simba. (Also, have you seen her pots and the pendants she started making?). Special awesome outfit appearance complete with neon nails from beautiful Alicia, see the closet visit shot by Jeana Sohn.

I’m heading to Chicago for the weekend for a quick and fun visit–never been before, excited to see what I come across.

Sun Tea

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

It’s summer here in Pasadena. It’s hot and you can’t really just drink all day to battle the heat, so I found an alternative: Sun Tea. It’s fun to make, because it’s easy, and it makes it feel like it’s really summer. This past weekend I did a combo of green tea and trader joe’s calm tea.

I put three tea bags in an old mason jar and put it in the sun for a couple of hours.

Then I poured it over ice, squeezed in some lemon and added a sprig of mint.

It was delicious. Plus, I realized, it would be a great mixer for cocktails.

So I wrote a post over on thekitchn about refreshing concoctions that start with tea. What’s your favorite kind?

Giant Salade Nicoise

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Had some people over and decided to make something that wouldn’t be too heavy since it’s still hot here in LA. I opted for a Salade Nicoise (I loosely followed this recipe) which is fresh, healthy and easy-ish. I love how salty it is with olives, capers, lemon heavy vinaigrette and seared ahi. And then the crunch of the butter lettuce! And heirloom tomatoes. Makes me wonder why I haven’t been making it all summer long.

Oh My God.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I have really dropped the ball. I only went on vacation for 2 and a half days and here we are more than a week later and no posts up! What is happening? Well, a lot actually, and only punctuated further by the fact that my mom was able to completely bust up her ankle and leg on monday by falling while working on a garden for a client. A surgeon had to use 2 plates and 10 screws to get her back in the right amount of pieces and now she is home resting comfortably on pain killers (I hope). I am an only child. So I’ve been sort of taken with that sitch.

So in an effort to catch up with life here will be a run down of things and pictures of things that are happening in my life at the moment. It is worth noting that I have the evening to myself for the first time in…years? and I am spending it virtually redecorating the house on the internets instead resting, sleeping or actually eating dinner. It feels so right though.

Ok so here goes:

The Ace Hotel and Swim Club is Awesome. I highly recommend it. Go there. Get the cheapest room that isn’t anywhere near the 24 hour pool and go. And then eat and drink at their restaurant and bar. It is worth it. (You can see a lot more of my pictures on flickr.

I also love that they use these jars for everything from sugar for coffee to their homemade jam to qtips and cotton balls. I have these jars already. Does that mean I’m cool like the Ace?

Ok, so now that I’m ‘home’ and have some time I’m realizing that this place isn’t so much mine as a beige box that I live in with people I love. I do not love this place. So I’m itching to do something to it. I feel like John Robshaw could help:

Along with something stripey or, if I’m just unabashedly looking for something fun and inexpensive that the kids can spill on and is better than the beige wall to wall, I’m considering this. I know it’s wrong, but I’m hoping it’s so wrong it’s right. Also there’s a PB close enough that I could go get that tomorrow and cover up the beige wall to wall.

I’d like to take a moment to express that I am really jealous of anyone on vacation, especially if they’re in Europe. And somewhat related I want to mention that I get quoted as ‘joliet’ (my last name, did you know that?) in this sweet blog post about what France can teach you about vacation. It made me feel like a bit of an expert on the subject.

Also I was reading Nick Olsen’s blog and he mentioned the Lalanne sheep. I’ve been noticing more often that people in the states are savvy to Claude and Francois Lalanne and wanted to take the opportunity to mention (show off?) that, yeah, totally my family. Claude is my grandma’s sister and they are both artists and that whole side of my family has a pretty amazing aesthetic that has always inspired me to strive to live a life that is beautiful and interesting every day. This is something I’m trying to re-anchor myself to since I’ve been so stressed and busy lately.

I had more to tell you but I need to go to bed. I’ll update more (maybe) in the next week along with a couple more before and afters.

good night my lovelies.

Summertime Bicycle

Monday, July 13th, 2009

You guys have all seen this clip from Flight of the Conchords, right? Well then I think you’d understand why I want this bike.